By all means, the closest I would consider myself in terms of ideological leanings, particularly when it comes to certain issues, I guess I can be bracketed as a non-interventionist libertarian.

How could this situation have turned out/shaped up, if Zimmerman made a set of choices vastly different than what he actually did ?

1. instead of getting out of his car, if he had honked his car horn a few times – long enough to attract attention from the neighborhood, even as he called the cops again ?

2. could he have called up his neighbors to warn about a suspicious looking kid in the neighborhood ?

3. could such a line of action have prevented a situation wherein he had to confront the kid, and instead allowed the cops to intervene ?

4. why did he have to resort to approaching the kid himself? of course he was legally entitled to do so, but in (painful) hindsight, could not he have simply avoided getting out of his car ?

Perhaps, then, the situation would have panned out much differently than how it actually happened.

Zimmerman’s acquittal has brought out the ugly contours of the deeply polarized American mindset of recent times – liberals and conservatives throwing muck at each other – when everyone ought to be sitting down and deeply contemplating the situation and probable solution – its sad and tragic.

This issue IMHO goes way beyond class, race, etc. Its about choices people make – even in the most direst circumstances – how could Zimmerman have avoided this ?

He has been acquitted – beyond all the cries and noises from all quarters, years down the line, can he make peace with himself ? there cannot be a worser punishment for a person than being weighed down by guilt – the scores of people back from Vietnam and Iraq suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) bear testimony to this.

This is not about black, or white, or brown, or whatever; this is not about gun laws or legalities surrounding a person’s right to follow a suspicious person in a neighborhood – this is about sensibility.

Maybe am far from knowing exactly what happened, but more than outrage, only a profound sense of sadness remains