Yesterday, I met up with a very inspiring person – someone from another era, another time – 85 year old Mr. Harry Lee Mc Ginnis !!

Why inspiring ? :

1. Mr. Mc Ginnis served in the American army during the Second World War, busting up the Nazis and Mussolini’s army and actually took part in the liberation of Dachau, the first concentration camp established in Germany !

2. He continued to serve in the Army in missions to Okinawa and later Korea.

3. He was nicknamed the HAWK, after his unique ability to spot camouflages during an attack

4. After his stint with the Army, he led an adventurous life doing all kinds of jobs , before realizing his twin dreams of walking the continental United States as well as the whole world, when he was well past 60 years of age!!

5. The man is strong and fit for his age – and his knowledge deep and varied!

6. For well over 25-30 years, his home was nothing more than a tent, sleeping and living under the stars!

It was so inspiring to meet him – and my love of the outdoors has intensified to a great extent!

Here is his website :

from his website : “If you do not have a dream in your pocket, run, don’t walk, and find yourself a dream to become and be.”

ah! powerful words!

“I would suggest for all those who are feeling sorry for themselves. Please visit a Veterans’ or a Chiderns’ ward and see the incurables. Enough said.” 

“Remember every ending holds within a new beginning. The marriage of these two can connect all the dots.”

“Life is a ‘walk’ down many unknown roads. Some smooth others a little bumpy. A few are under construction with detour signs ahead. If we are fortunate enough, we will walk many roads leading to many destinations. Learning along the way that the journey in most cases is more important than the destinations. And just maybe there will be a very long, long, long road winding its’ way homeward bound. And we will arrive warm and well in the winter months of our lives. And hopefully look forward to the wonders of a new spring, a new beginning, a new journey.” !!

What an unusually inspiring way to end the day !