Only in New Orleans!

Sometime late November, 2012 – in front of a famous bar/pub with live jazz music, on Bourbon street, around 10PM or so.

A huge horse (some kind of a thoroughbred) with a huge cop on it, trotting along, suddenly stopped and with the slightest spread of its hind legs, began to empty its bladder !

The effect was nothing as dramatic as what would happen if a B-52, or Godzilla was sighted in the sky – but, it was still something that would perhaps fit in perfectly in a movie like Borat, or any of Mel Brooks or Mike Myers’ films.

The prospect of the embrace of the horse’s bladder contents on all those in the immediate vicinity of the horse was imminent!

Love-lorn couples sauntering along the sidewalks totally lost in themselves, shabby old men talking to either themselves or to the lamp posts on the street, or visitors gawking around at anything and everything such as yours truely  – everyone ran helter-skelter to take cover from the urea laden fountain pouring forth from the horse’s rear, splashing on the ashpalt with relentless ease and mercilessly splattering on everyone in the radius of 5-8 feet ! boy what a sight! 

Only in New Orleans!